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Steel Accessories

Installed Every 9"
Minimum 1-1/2" Screws (2 Per Guard)
Available Bare or Painted


Pipe Flashing
Continuous Temp Resistance Up To 212 Degrees
Hi-Temp - Up To Consistent Temp of 437 Degrees

Outside - Installed On Top of Panel
Inside - Installed Under Panel
Repair - Expanding Sealant Tape (20' Rools)
Butyl (Lap) Tape

Double Bubble Vapor Barrier
White and Silver Foil
4' x 125' and 6' x 102' Rolls

Ridge Vent
3" Wide
Installed Under Both Sides of Ridge Cap

ZXL Screws
Zinc Aluminum Molded Head
Lifetime Protection Against Red Rust On Head and Washer

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  • Why Use Everlast Steel?
  • Everlast II
  • PBR Panel
  • Standing Seam

Everlast II | Call Us today for assistance! (570)-739-4606

Attractive Design
The symmetrical pattern of Everlast II creates an attractive board and batten look, which is a popular choice. The crisp, clean appearance, along with the variety of color options available, make it the perfect roof for residential buildings. A full line of trims and accessories are available to complete your building project. The panels, which interlock to create an attractive look, also provide for the weathertight seal. They have a deep anti-siphon groove, which protects against leakage.

Superior Strength
Everlast II is 38" wide and provides 36" of coverage. The major ribs are 9" apart and approximately 3/4" high with two minor ribs in between that are a full 3/16" high. A stiffener is added to all the major ribs, which along with the superior thickness ot the steel, makes this panel extremely strong. This not only adds considerable durability to your building, but also prevents rippling during the construction process.

Custom Ordered To The 1/2"
1-2 Day Lead Time


27 Gauge
Available In 18 Colors


28 Gauge
Available In 18 Colors


29 Gauge
Available In 18 Colors


Why Use Everlast Steel? | Call Us today for assistance! (570)-739-4606

Evercure Process - combination of Heat Forming, Tooling, and CECI (Cut-Edge Corrosion Inhibitor) to provide superior barrier protection against corrosion.

Heat Forming

Cracks allow moisture, which is ofern contaminated by atmospheric pollutants, to penetrate the protective surface of the coating, and cause the substrate to rust or corrode. In fact, the fractures in the can cause a painted panel to corrode at a faster rate than an unpainted panel.

Cut Edge Corrosion Inhibitor (CECI)

Clear corrosion inhibitor, which effectively decreases the corrosion rate of the factory cut edge. THis application is being applied to the factory cut edge of all panels.

Advanced State of the Art Tooling

Using additional stands places less stress on the formed radius of our panel providong for the most consistent panel profile on the market.


PBR Panel | Call Us today for assistance! (570)-739-4606

Everlast II

Designed for both roofing and siding applications, the Everlast PBR™ Panel is available in a full range of colors to complement any industrial, commercial or agricultural structure. To see if the PBR™ Panel is right for your exterior project, contact Everlast Roofing, Inc. today.

Attractive Design
Whether you’re replacing a roof or looking for durable, high-quality metal siding for a new building, the Everlast PBR™ Panel offers an attractive design for use in a wide range of exterior projects, as well as for use as interior liner panels. Available in 24- and 26-gauge panels, the PBR™ Panel is manufactured using a Galvalume Plus™ substrate – an unpainted steel sheet product that resists corrosion, offers strength and provides excellent heat reflectivity. While you can choose unpainted roofing and siding for your application, pre-painted Galvalume-coated panels are available for 26-gauge panels in the following colors: Bone White, Cityscape, Forest Green, Dark Bronze, Sandstone, Dark Gray and Colonial Red. For specific color availability on the 24-gauge panels, refer to the 24-gauge series color chart.


Everloc | Call Us today for assistance! (570)-739-4606

Attractive Design

The Everloc panel has the elegant look of traditional style standing seam roofing without the cost or labor of clips or seaming tools. Everloc's designed to be installed over a waterproof solid substrate and utilizes a slotted leg for fastening. Our high-quality, pre-painted metal roofing affords and attractive life cycle cost as they will not crack, shrink, or erode. This makes them a long-lasting alternative to many conventional roofing materials. A homeowner is certain to achieve a designer look from our wide selection of styles and colors, creating an aesthetically pleasing appearance that will have a positive influence on re-sale.

Superior Strength

The Everloc panel has the elegant look The Everloc panel is 16" (+/-1/4") wide with a 1" high seam. THis makes it a model choice for residential roofing, mansard and fascia applications. The absence of exposed fasteners and the water-tight side lap allows for applications on roof pitches as low as 3:12. Made with high strength steel, Eveloc resists corrosion with the help of a galvalume coating.


Curb Appeal

From agricultural buildings to commercial properties, metal roofing offers the strength and durability needed for long-lasting results. But have you ever considered metal roof products for residential use? The Everseam® profile from Everlast Roofing, Inc., will fit your home with high-quality, pre-painted roof panels with an attractive style that enhances the appearance of your property. With a variety of colors to choose from, you will find the perfect shade to elevate your curb appeal with Everseam®.

Superior Strength

The Everseam® is 20" (+/-1/4") wide with a 1-1/2" high seam. The integral locking seam is held in place by concealed metal clips, and is installed over a waterproof solid substrate. The absence of exposed fasteners and the weather-tight slide lap, allow for applications on roof pitches as low as a 3:12. The Everseam® durability and aesthetic appearance make it an ideal choice for residential roofing applications.

Metal Roofing, Siding, & Trim Colors

Steel Colors:
Brite White
Ash Gray
Light Stone
Ocean Blue
Heron Blue
Patina Green

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Shingles are a less expensive option up front, but can cost you more in the long run. Shingles are also known for blowing up in high wind storms and they can shrink and crack in extreme temperatures. Asphalt Shingles do have a nice look to them. Architectural shingles, are the most popular roofing choice for homes in the past 20 years. They are made from two or more laminated layers of asphalt to create a multi-dimensional look which replicates the appearance of natural wood shake roofing or slate tile roofing.

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  • Shingles

Shingles | Call Us today for assistance! (570)-739-4606

Shingles are a great option for homes because they are widely avaliable, easy to install, and the price is reasonable.


Rubber roofing is an option for flat roofs that have no pitch. Rubber roofing is made from recycled tires, slate and sawdust and has a high resistance to ultraviolet light. Rubber roofing is installed by putting an adhesive down and can seal very well for many years.

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  • Rubber Roofing

Rubber Roofing | Call Us today for assistance! (570)-739-4606

Rubber roofing rolls out and is sealed with a roofing adhesive.

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