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TW Evans Cordage 23-205 Twisted Rope Pull'R Holding 144S-6 Cable Puller Pro-Fit 0053179 Common Nail
TW Evans Cordage Rope, Twisted, Multi-Purpose, 1/4 in Diameter, 50 ft Length, 900 lb, Sisal, Resists: Abrasion, For Many Light Uses around the Home or in Industry Pull'R Holding Cable Puller, 1 ton Capacity, 12 ft Lifting Height, 12 ft Length, 3/16 in Diameter Cable Chain/Rope, Steel, Galvanized, OSHA Approved, 15:1 Leverage, For Stretching Fence and Wire, Lifting Electrical Fixtures, Squaring Wood and Metal Framing Pro-Fit Common Nail, 10D, 3 in Length, 5/16 in Head, 9 ga, Steel, Bright, For General Rough Framing and Construction