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North American Tool 52710 Speedway Air Compr Senco PC1010 Air Compressor Pulsar PCE6020K  Air Compressors
1 gallon pancake oil free air compressor with inflation kit. Max psi 100. Ultra quiet and ultra light lube-less pump compressor. Ideal for a range of finish and trim projects, as well as for home improvement jobs, hobbies and crafts. Lightweight, portable and easy to maintain. The heavy-duty induction motor is efficient for long life operation. The oil-free pump design and maintenance free. Weighs only 20 lbs. Oil-less, 2 gallon tank with 6 piece accessories. 100 psi maximum pressure. 1.5 CFM/40 psi; 120V/60HZ/3 HP.
North American 7517 Speedway Air Compressors Porter-Cable C2002 Air Compressor Senco PC1010N  Air Compressors
2 gallon oil free air compressor. 1.1 cfm's at 40 psi. Lightweight/portable. Quiet operation, 75dB. Air regulator and quick coupler included. Max psi 100. Oil-free pump design for reliability and no maintenance. Low amp motor starts easily in cold weather or with extension cord. Upgraded shroud, handle and console cover protect vital components, makes unit easier to carry and includes cord wrap. Two regulated, factory installed air couplers to easily support two users. Water drain valve and rubber feet. Specs: 120 volt, 150 PSI, 3.7 SCFM at 40 PSI and 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI for fast recovery time. 34 lbs. tool weight. Includes: Compressor and operating manual.. Designed with the professional contractor in mind. The lightweight and compact design ensure easy portability combined with the ultra quiet operation makes the compressor the ideal finish and trim unit. Long life induction motor and oil free pump design eliminate the need for oil or regular maintenance. Integrated control panel for easy access to couplers and pressure control knob; highly visible gauges. Rugged roll cage protects critical components. 68 dB A for ultra quiet operation. 4 amps at 115 volts. SCFM at 90 PSI 0.7. Maximum pressure 135 psi. Ultra lightweight at only 21 lbs.
Stanley-Bostitch BTFP02011 Air Compressors Pulsar PCE6060K Air Compressors North American Tool 52024 Speedway Air Compr
6 gallon oil free Pancake compressor delivers up to 2.6 SCFM at 90 psi. Only 14" in diameter and 33 lbs. for easy portability. It's light enough to carry and get in and out of the jobsite. Long life, maintenance free pump for convenient on going uses. At just 80 dBA, this compressor offers the user a quiet work environment. Integrated control panel helps vital compressor components to be protected against tough jobsite conditions. Includes 2 Universal couplers to easily support 2 users. Ideal for trim and finish applications including installing molding, cabinetry or window/door casings. 120V/60HZ/3.5 Peak HP; 5.2 CFM/40 psi; 4.2 CFM/90 psi. Max. pressure 115 psi. 15 piece accessories included. 2 gallon twin stack, oil free oil compressor with 1/4" x 25' auto rewind hose reel. Construction grade hose. Hose reel provides convenience and on-board storage all in one package. Low profile design for stability and safety. Push connect coupler. Quiet operation, only 75 dB. 1 cfm at 40 psi and .05 cfm at 90 psi.
Senco PC1280  Air Compressors 6GAL PANCAKE COMPRESS 150PSI  Senco PC1131 Air Compressor
Designed with the power and speed to handle all finish and trim applications. The compact, lightweight and balanced design allows for easy portability. The oil free pump allows for maintenance free operation and no oil leaks. Draws only 12 amps; will not trip circuit breakers. Integrated control panel for easy access to couplers and pressure control knob; highly visible gauges. Pancake tank design keeps compressor compact and well balanced. Weighs only 38 lbs. Dual couplers allows you to run 2 hoses simultaneously. 150 max psi. Oil-free pump design for reliability and no maintenance. Low amp motor starts easily in cold weather or with extension cord. Upgraded shroud, handle and console cover protect vital components, makes unit easier to carry and includes cord wrap. Two regulated, factory installed air couplers to easily support two users. Water drain valve and rubber feet. Specs: 120 volt, 150 PSI, 3.7 SCFM at 40 PSI and 2.6 SCFM at 90 PSI for fast recovery time. 34 lbs. tool weight. Includes 13 Piece accessory kit - 25' x 1/4" PVC air hose wtih coupler and plug assembled, tire chuck with plug, blow gun with plug, tire gauge, blow gun with OSHA saftety nozzle, rubber tip and three inflator adaptors. Generates 4.4 SCFM which provides enough power for all types of applications, from finish to framing. The oil splash design and induction motor provides the durability expected for professional contractors. Direct drive motor, Cast iron sleeve/cast iron head cylinder, oil-splash lubrication. Specs: 2.0 HP Running, 4.4 SCFM at 90 PSI, 125 max PSI, 4.3 gallon tank. 14.5"H x 20.5"L. 60 lbs. tool weight. Includes: 1/4" coupler.
Senco PC0968 Air Compressor Pulsar PCE6050T Air Compressors Pulsar PCE6150 Air Compressors
Cold weather start up valve. Designed with the power and speed to handle all finish & trim applications; comes with an oil less pump which ensures no messy oil leaks. Specs: Height: 13.5" Length: 16"; Weight: 38 lb; Recovery Time: 95 ? 135 psi 17 seconds; Pump Up Time: 0 ? 135 psi 82 seconds; Horsepower: (1.0 HP running); Powersource: Electric; Max Pressure: 135 psi; Tank Storage: 2.5 gal.; Max Amp at 115V: 8 amps. Twin-tank, oil-lubricated 5 gallon unit. Powerful 3.5 HP electric motor, flutter-valve pump puts out 115 max psi and cfm's of 5.2 at 40 psi and 4.2 at 90 psi. Functional enough for use as an inflator, yet vibrant enough for use with the majority of air tools. Compact and portable with easy to read pressure gauges. 120V/60HZ/3.5 Peak HP. 5.2 CFM/40 psi; 4.2 CFM/90 psi. Max pressure 115 psi.
Hitachi EC12 Portable Air Compressor North American Tool 52956 Speedway Air Compressors Makita MAC700 Air Compressor
Vertically stacked twin tanks, 2 gallon capacity each for running multiple nailers (4.0cfm at 90psi). Direct drive electric motor provides durability and long life. All metal inner construction and fan. Line regulator with gauge; oil lubricated pump and O-ring on drain cock makes valve easy to open and close. Specs: Power Output: 2hp; Amps: 14.5; Rpm: 3,450; Air Displacement: 4.0cfm at 90psi; Start/Stop Control: 100/125psi; Tank Capacity: 4.0 gal. Weight: 60lbs; Lubrication: Oil; Recovery Time: 14-sec. Includes: Synthetic Oil (8oz) & Oil Dipstick. 10 gallon solid cast iron, oil lube air compressor. Duarble steel air intake filter. High efficiency cold start induction motor. Has oversized wheels. 6 cfm at 40 psi and 5 cfm at 90 psi. Max psi 125. Cast iron pump with Big Bore cylinder and piston, combined with greater bore and stroke, delivers maximum performance. Substantially lower noise levels with a large 1,720 - RPM pump-enabling greater displacement at lower RPM. Reduces incidences of tripped breakers and voltage drop that can cause premature motor failure. Cooler running pump, minimizes wear. Specs: Horsepower: 2.0; Pump: Oil-lubricated; Tank (gal.): 2.6 Hot Dog; Performance (CFM): 90 PSI: 3.3, 40 PSI: 3.8; Operating Pressure (PSI): 0 - 130; AMPS: 12.4; Noise level (dB): 80; Size: 18"x10"x22"; Net Weight (lbs.): 52. Includes: 1/4" Brass Makita universal coupler.
Stanley CAP2040ST-OL Air Compressor COMPRESSOR CRDLS 60V 2.5GAL   Ingersoll-Rand P1IU-A9 Air Compressor
Our Price : $299.99
Compact design was engineered to be more maneuverable and convenient to carry. It offers enough air flow to operate two framing nailers or three roofing nailers simultaneously. Four oversized rubber feet to help minimize vibration. Durable ball type drain valve. Roll bar handle protects the oil site glass and other gauges against damage if the unit accidentally tips or rolls over. Upgraded industrial-grade pressure switch/regulator makes for easy adjustments and increased durability. Oil-lubricated pump offers a cast iron cylinder for durable performance over extended periods of use.  Specs: 3 horsepower (peak) induction motor, this unit draws only 13.8 amps (120 volts) to prevent circuit breakers from flipping as the motor cuts in and out. Four-gallon stack tank compressor providing 4 CFM at 90 psi and a maximum operating pressure of 135 psi. The FlexVolt 60 volt max 2.5 gallon cordless air compressor offers all of the convenience and portability of cordless with the power of a corded tool. Each battery charge allows for up to 1,220 nails, providing the run-time to complete a variety of applications. OneTurn regulator for fast, accurate pressure adjustments. Heavy duty roll cage for jobsite applications. Brushless motor paired with a heavy duty oil-free pump. 135 max psi tank storage. Lightweight and portable at only 21.5 lbs. and a height of 15.5". Made in the USA. Single stage compressor for professionals and serious do-it-yourselfers it is ideal for the home, shop or jobsite. Specs: HP: 2; CFM at 90 PSI:4.30; Max. PSIG: 135; Dimensions LxHxW: 19x19x19; Net Weight: 77lbs; Start Up Kit: No.
Our Price : $359.99
120 V/60HZ/5 Peak Hp. 6.4 CFM/40 psi; 5.6 CFM/90 psi. Max pressure 125. 5.0 CFM at 90 psi. 125 max psi. 2.0 (Peak) horsepower. 49 dB @25 ft. 5 gallon air tank capacity. Dimensions: 28.35"L x 20.08"W x 20.08"H. Weighs 86.3 lbs. 5.2 CFM at 40 PSI or 4.2 CFM at 90 PSI. Max pressure: 115 PSI. Oil lubricated. Features easy to read dual pressure gauges, wheel kit and quick connect coupler. Accessories Kit includes: 1/2" impact wrench, tire inflator with gauge, spray gun, 2" brand nailer/stapler and 25' hose.
Ingersoll-Rand P1.5IU-A9 Air Compressor North American 53200 Speedway Air Compressors IronHorse IHD6160V1 Air Compressor
Single stage compressor for professionals and serious do-it-yourselfers, the versatile 'Garage Mate ' is ideal for the home, shop or jobsite. Equipped with a pressure switch, pressure gauge, regulator, safety valve, manual drain and six-foot power cord. Features a cast-iron, oil-lubricated pump for solid, reliable performance. Specs: CFM at 90 PSI: 5.2; Max. PSI: 135; HP: 2; Dimensions LxHxW: 22 x 23 x 43; Net Weight: 200lbs;  Voltage/Engine: 115 - 1 - 60 20 gallon, 2 cylinder, solid cast iron belt drive. Oil lube air compressor with pneumatic tires. 6.6 cfm's at 40 psi and 5.9 cfm's at 90 psi. Max psi 135. Thermally protected  electric motor with 60 gallon ASME registered tank, easy view oil sight gauge, cast iron compressor  minimizes vibration. Individual and removable cylinders, no magnetic motor starter required, pressure switch has on/off control. High efficiency reed valves for maximum performance, efficient heat removal from pulley-fan, sturdy belt guard. Specs: CFM/PSI is 11.2 CFM at 90 PSI, max rated PSI is 150, 208/230V electric motor, dimensions are: 27"Lx20"Wx65"H, weighs 260 lbs.
Hitachi EC2510E Air Compressor Ingersoll-Rand SS3J5.5GH-WB Air Compressor Woods/Iron Horse IHD7180V1 Iron Horse Air Compressors
Solid cast iron cylinder provides industry recognized premium material for long life, consistent compression and low oil carryover. Oversized oil level site glass allows everyone to monitor the oil level for the pump avoiding pump damage due to lock up from inadequate oil supply. Specs: Power Output: 5.5 Net HP at 3,600 RPM ( Actual power output for the engine installed in the final machine will vary depending on numerous factors, including the operating speed of the engine in application, environmental conditions, maintenance, and other variables), Honda engine. Displacement: 196 cc; Tank Capacity: 8 Gallon; Motor RPM: 3,200; CFM: 9.0 at 100 psi; Weight: 144 lbs. Includes: Synthetic Oil; Oil Dipstick; Wheel; Pressure Gauge; Drive Belt; Filter. Lightweight and durable with a low-profile design providing maximum maneuverability on the job site. Cast-iron, oil-lube compressors are designed for the toughest continuous duty applications. Specs:  5.5 HP, Honda engine, 11.8 CFM at 90 PSI, 135 PSI, 1/4" NPT, 8-gallon twin tank. Includes: Pressure switch, regulator and gauge, two quick disconnects to power multiple tools and twin 8-gallon capacity tanks. Features a 3 piston "V" style cast iron pump for longer life. 208/230 volt electric motor produces 16.5 CFM at 90 psi and 200 rated psi. No magnetic starter required. Easy view oil sight glass. Enclosed belt guard. Heavy-duty pressure switch with on/off control. ASME certified tank that meets the national pressure vessel certifications.