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Diamond Crystal Winter Melt Ice Melter Mintcraft GT-197531 Garden Hose Nozzles Mintcraft 33290 Garden Hoes
Diamond Crystal Ice Melter, 10 lb, Diamond Crystal, Series: Winter Melt, Bag Packing, Composition: Sodium Chloride, 5 deg F Effective, Crystalline Solid, White, Slight Halogen Odor/Scent, Used to Remove Snow and Ice from Concrete Sidewalks, Parking Lots and Asphalt Surfaces Mintcraft Garden Hose Nozzle, Aluminum, 9 Pattern Pistol Grip Gray 2 prong head, gray steel ferrule, green steel collar.
DeWalt GSN30 Cordless Grass Shear
DeWalt Cordless Grass Shear, DeWalt, 3.6 V, Ni-Cd, 12 hr Battery, 960 Strokes Per Minute, Soft, Comfortable Grip Handle, Includes: Grass Shear, 4 in Steel Grass Shear Blade, 120 V Charger and Battery, 4 in Single Sided Blade, 0.4 in Run Time, For Grass Trimming around Tress, Shrubs and Flowers