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Krud Kutter PH3512 Waste Paint Hardener Allway PBS Stripping Brush DQB 8356 3-In-1 Stripping Brush
For latex paint spills and disposal. Hardens 2/3 of a gallon paint. Solvent proof handle. Soft grip. 7" L x 1-1/4" W. For removing paint, varnish and stain and cleaning tile, grout, stoves and small parts.  Bottom 6 rows of crimped white polypropylene, trimmed 5/8".  Top 3 rows of crimped brass wire, angled from tip, trimmed 1/2".  Handle 7" sturdy molded plastic in assorted colors with hanging hole.
Our Price : $12.99
Removes most varieties of paints & varnishes which are oil or water-based from interior and exterior surfaces. Can remove more difficult coatings such as two part epoxy. Changes color to let the user know when the paint or varnish is ready to be removed. Can remove up to 10 layers in a single application using a stripping tool. Environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non-flammable, odor free and easily cleaned up with water. It contains no methylene chloride or caustic Removes adhesive, fresh blood, crayons, candle wax, tree sap, oil, tar, soap scum and more from any surface even laundry. Citrus scent. Use to remove paint or varnish. Features include a no-drip formula and the ability to stay wet longer to remove paint effectively. It contains no Methylene-Chloride, Caustic or other harsh chemicals. It easily cleans up with water. Will remove 3 layers of oil or water based coatings and begins working in 30 minutes.
Ideal for removing paint and flooring, bending plastic, and thawing pipes. It has two temperature settings, 750F and 1100F, that are suitable for a majority of heating applications. 1200 watts/4100 BTUS. Ergonomic design for comfort and balance to reduce fatigue. Side bars prevent the hot nozzle from touching the work surface. Integrated stand for safe hands-free operation. Hanging loop for safe storage during cool-down. Variable temperature dial allows for easy adjustment of temperatures. Integrated support stand allows the gun to sit upright for hands free use. Use integrated hanging hook for storage. 1500 watts deliver high heat and multiple fan settings. 6ft high grade cord improves flexibility during cold use. Weighs 2 lbs. Versatile tool that can be used for removing paint, drying spackle, thawing pipes, and removing vinyl decals. Has 12 temperature settings that range from 150F to 1200F. This multi-setting tool allows the user to set the temperature for a particular project. Includes graphic LED screen with push-button controls, 2 fan settings plus cool down mode, and durable ceramic element. Ergonomic design for comfort and balance to reduce fatigue. Side bars prevent the hot nozzle from touching the work surface. Integrated stand for safe hands-free operation. Soft-grip handle for comfort. 1500 watts/5100 BTUS. Hanging loop for storage.
Black And Decker HG1300 Heat Guns HEAT GUN 700 LCD VARIABLE TEMP Dewalt D26950 Heat Guns
Two heat settings for a variety of application. Lightweight and easy to use one handed. Built-in stand for easy cool-down. Specs: 120-watt, 750 to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit air temperature. 8.8 to 12 CFM air flow. Double insulated, U.L. Listed. 6' cord. The broad temperature range makes it ideal for a variety of projects, such as softening putty and caulk, stripping paint, and thawing frozen pipes. 117 temperature settings range from 125F to 1300F. 5 fan speeds plus cool-down setting. 1500 Watts/5100 BTUs. Durable Ceramic Element. LCD Display screen with push-button controls. Ergonomic Design for comfort and balance to reduce fatigue. Side Bars prevent the hot nozzle from touching the work surface. Integrated Stand for safe hands-free operation. Soft-Grip Handle for comfort. Hanging Loop for storage. Includes 2 nozzles & a 5-in-1 painter?s tool. Built-in overload protection shuts the heating element down and prevents burn up. Built-in hang ring adds a storage feature. Built-in kickstand support provides greater stability and prevents tip over. Cord protector keeps the cord from tearing away from the housing. Ergonomic comfort grip. Separate internal components allows maintenance on both the motor and heating element. Specs: 1550 Watts, 120 Volts, 13 Amps, 120 to 1100-degrees fahrenheit, 16CFM and 10 Ft power cord. Includes cone nozzle and Fishtail surface nozzle.
Milwaukee 8975-6 Heat Guns
Offers ergonomic style and impact resistant heating element. Soft air velocity increases surface temperature. Stay cool handles and heat shields. Three position rocker switch- off, high and low. Specs: 120-Volt AC, 11.6 amp motor, 570 to 1000-degrees fahrenheit air temperature, 14.8 cu. ft. min. air volume, 10-1/8" tool length. 1.6 lbs. tool weight.