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Inside Box Miter 5" Deckorators 74817 Stair Connector Band-It 33437 Single Sided Edge Trimmer
Inside Box Miter 5"
Our Price : $8.65
Inside corner for gutter Designed to work with stair angles between 30 to 35 degrees and works with both wood and composite materials. Comes with stainless steel screws and will install ten classic balusters. ACQ and CA compliant. Cleanly cuts in both directions. Compact size. Provides exacting control for flush trimming wood veneer, melamine, PVC and polyester edgebanding. 3" x 2.25" x 1".
Chamberlain KLIK2U Clicker Keypad Amerimax 68012 Economy Valley Flashing USP Lumber C66-TZ 1-Piece Post Beam Cap
Mounts outside garage door and allows for opening or closing without a key or remote control. Programs quickly. Works with all major brands of garage door opener units. Wire-free installation. Allows for programmable personal identification code. Backlit for night viewing. 9-volt battery included. Comes with two screws for mounting. Used as a moisture barrier when 2 opposing slopes of a roof come together to form a valley. For light-duty post-to-beam connections. Quick and easy installation on decks, carports and other projects. One piece, designed to work with single, solid sawn beams, but can be used with build-up beams made of 2x lumber and shims fastened together to act as a unit. Requires 16d HDG nails for installation. Meets ICC-ES ESR-1280, FL11664, L.A. City RR25749 and Dade County, FL 07-0306.06 codes. For additional information including allowable loads and number of fasteners, please see USP Lumber Connectors charts in the Orgill paper catalog R7 Reference Pages. 18 GAUGE.
Amerimax Snow Guard
Designed to prevent mass quantities of snow and ice from avalanching off the roof. Helps protect pedestrians and landscaping from snow sliding off the roof. Protects gutters and roof edging. Helps prevent damage to lower roofs. Lift up shingle, nail.