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29 Ga Steel Economy Panel

29 gauge steel panel designed for interior use. 36" coverage. Custom ordered down to inch and priced per linear foot
Available in White, Red, Brown, Ivy, and Black

28 Ga Steel Lynx Panel

The 28 Ga. LYNX panel utilizes Next Generation AZM Steel with Activate Technology. This technology makes AZM steel more corrosion resistant than any other panel on the market. What allows it to be so corrosion resistant is the addition of Magnesium to the Aluminum-Zinc Alloy coating, which causes a unique self-healing layer to form. Therefore preventing rust.

The COLORBOND® topcoat is a super durable paint system and has the best fade and chalk performance in its class. So your roof will look great for years to come

Custom ordered to the inch!

27 Ga Frontier Panel

27 Ga. Steel Frontier Panel

For the most protection for your home or business, choose the premium Frontier Panel.

The 27 Ga. Frontier panel takes all the features of the LYNX panel and piles on 10% more AZM coating for even more rust resistance. This means that you get best in class fade and chalk resistance with the COLORBOND® topcoat AND the most corrosion resistance on any panel in North America.

Custom ordered to the inch!

Everseam Metal Roofing

The Everseam™ panel has the elegant look of a traditional style standing seam roof, with the strength and durability of high strength 24-gauge steel manufactured in the USA. The integral locking seam is held in place by concealed metal clips, and is installed over a waterproof solid substrate. The absence of exposed fasteners and the weather-tight side lap, allow for applications on roof pitches as low as a 3:12. Everseam™’s durability and aesthetic appearance make it an ideal choice for residential roofing


Everloc Metal Roofing

The Everloc® panel has the elegant look of traditional style standing seam roofing without the cost or labor of clips or seaming tools. Everloc™’s designed to be installed over a waterproof solid substrate and utilizes a slotted leg for fastening.
The Everloc® panel is 16” (+/- 1/4”) wide with a 1” high seam. This makes it a model choice for residential roofing, mansard and fascia applications. The absence of exposed fasteners and the water-tight side lap allows for applications on roof pitches as low as 3:12. Made with high strength steel, Everloc® resists corrosion with the help of a galvalume coating.


PBR Metal Roofing Panels

The Everlast PBR™ Panel is designed for both roofing and siding applications. This panel is excellent for most any exterior use, including industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications. The PBR™ Panel can also be used as an interior liner panel.
The PBR™ Panel provides optimum strength, which is ideal for maximum spanning capabilities, and the weather-tight side lap allows for applications on roof pitches as low as a 1:12.