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29 Ga Steel Economy Panel

29 gauge steel panel designed for interior use. 36" coverage. Custom ordered down to inch and priced per linear foot
Available in White, Red, Brown, Ivy, and Black

28 Ga Steel Lynx Panel

28 gauge AZM panel with activate technology and Colorbond paint.  Designed to outlast and outshine the competition.  36" coverage. Custom ordered to the inch and priced per linear foot

27 Ga Frontier Panel

The Frontier Panel utilizes a duplex system.  The complexity of this system is enhanced by the thicket metal coating (AZ55) in the post frame industry.  The Frontier Panel has a metallic coating that is 20% to 64% thicker than competitors panels which offer substrates of G60 to G90.  The Frontier Panel is 38" wide and provides 36" of coverage.