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Mintcraft SJ3134 Wire Brushes Mintcraft SJ3133-S Wire Brushes Gator 7309 Multi-Surface Waterproof Sanding Sponge
Mintcraft Wire Brush, Steel Trim, Shoe Handle, Plastic Handle, Black Mintcraft Wire Brush, Steel Trim, 19 Rows, Long Handle, Plastic Handle, Black Gator Sanding Sponge, Multi-Surface Waterproof, Series: 7309, Jumbo, 5 in Length, 3 in Width, 1 in Thickness, Aluminum Oxide,Grade: Fine/Medium, Suitable For Use With: Gator Sanding Sponge Holder, For Used on Wood, Metal, Fiberglass and Painted Surfaces
Stanley Tools GS20DT Dualmelt Glue Sticks Loctite 1363589 Loctite Super Glue Perma-Lock 27106 Thread Locking Compound
Stanley Glue Stick, Dual Temperature, 0.45 in Diameter, 4 in Length, Silver, Suitable For Use With: GR20, GR25-2 and GR100 Glue Guns, For bonding heat-sensitive Materials, as Well as General Applications Loctite, Ultra Gel Control Super Glue, 4 g, Side Squeeze Bottle, <20 g/l VOC, 50000 cPs at 77 Deg F Viscosity, Gel, Clear/Colorless, 10 Min Drying Time, 15 - 30 sec Setting, 24 hr Functional Cure, Sharp, Irritating Odor/Scent, 176 - 200 Deg F Flash Point, Media: Dry Powder, Foam and Carbon Dioxide, Composition: Ethyl 2-Cyanoacrylate, Flammability Rating: 2, 1.05 Specific Gravity, >50 Deg F Application, Applicable Materials: Wiper Blades, Rubber Seals, Bonds Leather, Wood and Fabric, Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Base, 1450 - 2900 psi Tensile, Non-Flammable, Flexible Solid Curing Method, 180 Deg F, Resists: Moisture and Chemicals, For Repairing Figurines, Costume Jewelry, Cameras and Toys Perma-Lock Thread Locking Compound, High Strength, 6 ml Capacity, Tube Packing, Liquid, Red, Mild Organic Odor/Scent, >212 deg F Flash Point, Media: Dry Chemical and Carbon Dioxide, Composition: Polyglycol Dimethacrylate, Polyester Resin, Cumene Hydroperoxide, 1.1 - 1.13 Specific Gravity, Curing Method, Mixing Ratio, Mixing Style, Temperature Range
Quikrete 8650-35 Concrete Patch Franklin Titebond III Ultimate Wood Glue Quikrete 17015-59 Blacktop Patch
Quikrete Concrete Patching Compound, 4 lb, Pail, 15.4 g/l VOC, Paste, 24 hr Application, 4 - 6 hr Functional Cure, Ether/Ammonia Odor/Scent, Composition: Calcium Carbonate, Acrylic Polymeric Resin, Titanium Dioxide, Butyl Benzyl Phthalate, 1 - 1.2 Specific Gravity, Applicable Materials: Concrete and Stucco, Resists: Weather, Standards: CERCLA 40CFR 117 and 302, For Non Structural Cosmetic Repairs Franklin Ultimate Wood Glue, Series: Titebond III, 16 oz Capacity, Bottle Packing, 5.6 g/l VOC, 4200 cP Viscosity, 2.5 - 3.5 pH, Liquid, Brown, 250 sq-ft/gal Coverage, Characteristic Odor/Scent, >200 deg F Flash Point, Flammability Rating: 1, <47 deg F Application, Application Method: Roller Spreader/Brush, Resists: Water, ASTM D4236, FDA Approved Quikrete Blacktop Patch, Series: 1701, High Performance, 50 lb Capacity, Bag Packing, Granular Solid, Black to Brown, 6 sq-ft Coverage, 24 hr Drying Time, 30 Days Functional Cure, Sour, Tar-Like Odor/Scent, >230 deg C Flash Point, Composition: Sand Silica, Quartz and Asphalt, Flammability Rating: 0, 2.5 - 2.8 Specific Gravity
Polyblend PBG4525 Sanded Tile Grout? Henry HE130074 Driveway Coating Gardner-Gibson SK-7805 Sta-Kool Elastomeric Roof Coating
Polyblend Sanded Tile Grout?, Series: PBG4525, 25 lb Capacity, Bag Packing, Solid Powder, NO 45 Summer Wheat, 685 sq-ft Coverage, 24 hr Drying Time, 4 hr Application, 5 hr Setting, 3 days Functional Cure, Composition: Portland Cement, Calcium Carbonate, Gypsum, Silica, Crystalline, Quartz, 2.7 Specific Gravity, Cement Base, 423 psi Tensile Henry Asphalt Coating, Series: HE130, 5 gal Capacity, Pail Packing, 10 g/l VOC, Liquid, Black to Brown, 200 - 500 sq-ft Coverage, 24 - 48 hr Drying Time, >212 deg F Flash Point, Composition: Petroleum Asphalt, Water and Clays/Fillers, Flammability Rating: 1, 1.08 Specific Gravity, >50 deg F Application, Application Method: Brush, Squeegee and Spray Gardner-Gibson Elastomeric Roof Coating, Series: Sta-Kool, Siliconized Acrylic, 5 gal, Pail Packing, <45 g/l VOC, 8 pH, Liquid, White, 50 - 75 sq-ft Coverage, 24 hr Application, Acrylic Paint Like Odor/Scent, > 247 deg F Flash Point, Media: Dry Chemical, CO2, Water Spray or Regular Foam, 1.43 Specific Gravity, 50 deg F Application
Werner 5908 Single Sided Step Ladder Quikrete 1113-51 Play Sand Quikrete 1124-47 Portland Cement
Werner Step Ladder, Single Sided, Series: 5900, 12 ft Reach Height, 225 lb Load Capacity, 12 in, 7 Rungs, Anti-Slip Rung, 3 in Rung, 3-1/8 in Front X 1-3/4 in Rear Rail, 53-1/2 in, 25 in Base Width, Type II Duty, 8 ft Overall Height, Fiberglass Steel Spreader, ANSI A14.5 (2007), CSA Certified, OSHA Approved, Anti-Slip Tread, 53 in Bottom Width Quikrete Play Sand, Quikrete, 50 lb Capacity, Bag Packing, Granular, White/Tan, 2.5 - 2.7 Specific Gravity, For Molding and Building Quikrete Portland Cement, Series: 1124, Type I, 47 lb, Bag, Powder, Gray to Gray Brown, Composition: Silica Sand, Crystalline, Pulverized Limestone, Fly Ash, Gypsum, Lime, 2.6 - 3.15 Specific Gravity, Standards: ASTM C150 Type II, For Making High Strength Repair Mortars