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Stanley STHT20139L Bi-Metal Hacksaw Lufkin Red End 066F Flat Reading Folding Rule Master Magnetics 07561 Magnetic Tool Holder
225 lbs. blade tension; 90 to 180 degree adjustable blade angles allowing flush cuts; large, comfortable tension knob; robust all metal frame and full grip handle helps protect knuckles. Marked both sides, both edges. Graduated to 1/16ths both edges; 16" stud centers marked in red. Regular outside markings. For rules with inside markings, numbering begins on inside of rule with measurement laying close to work. Hold and organize tools in garages, workshops, and work stations. Magnetic tool bar that holds 20# per inch. Easily mounts to walls , studs or workbench. Mounting screws included. 4-color packaging for retail.
DeWalt DS ToughSystem Large Cart Carrier 9 in W x 26 in D x 37 in H
Metal carrier with adjustable foldable brackets allows tailored configuration; central locking mechanism secures the boxes to the frame; "ToughSystem" cases not included. Weight capacity: Brackets - 176 lbs., Tote plate - 265 lbs., use on stairs - 175 lbs.; Dimension: 26" L x 37" H x 9" W.